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Refrigeration Fridges & Freezers

Compact & Essentials

Bar Fridges by leading brands at great prices. Variety of colours and sizes. Energy efficient. Delivery. Pay later options. Perfect for that Cold Beer.

Compact Fridges

There’s a lot to consider when buying a fridge. It's easy to become overwhelmed with choice! So many brands, models, sizes and features. Therefore, having a rough idea from the outset will go a long way toward a purchase that fits your circumstances. There’s nothing worse than buying a fridge that is too small, doesn’t fit or opens the wrong way!

Bottom Mount

Bottom Mount fridges have the freezer compartment at the bottom of the fridge. This is ideal for someone that cooks mainly with fresh produce as all fresh products are at eye level. The freezer compartment often has pull out draws making the frozen goods easier to access. 

Family Size Top Mount

Top mount refrigerators have the freezer at the top which is ideal for someone that uses frozen goods in their day to day cooking. With many different styles, from stainless steel finishes or a classic white option, you are sure to find the fridge that matches your kitchen.

Side By Side Fridges

These are a more traditional type of fridge that have 2 doors which are side by side, one being a fridge and one being a freezer. They are especially handy for large families with larger capacity requirements.  The side by side fridge is a single unit which is different from a pidgeon pair where the fridge and the freezer are each individual units which fit alongside each other. A side by side fridge is ideal when you need about the same amount of freezer and fridge space. It has compartments for easy organisation and accessibility.

French Door

French door fridges are very spacious and are designed for bigger households. They are wider which allows for wider shelves creating even more space for storage. The later models are finished in a beautiful silver, grey or dark grey stainless steel. Very elegant. Featuring 3-4 doors, most french door fridge capacity ranges from 500L to around 800L. 

Chest Freezers

Chest Freezers come in different shapes and sizes but are generally rectangular in shape and stand about waist high with lid that opens upward allowing you to reach down for frozen items.  Chest freezers generally allow storge of bulkier items because of their bigger size.  Also keep in mind that chest freezers need to manually defrosted.

Upright All Fridge

Vertical fridges or upright fridges are all fridge appliances, giving you more space for your family's grocery shop. By having the full capacity dedicated to one function, you can have it as an overflow fridge or paired with a vertical or upright freezer, maximising your available storage. Upright fridges don’t have a freezer compartment. Handy for those who just need fridge space. They range from 200L to 599L capacity. 

Upright Freezer

As the name implies, upright freezers look much like a fridge and can be matched and paired alongside each other in the kitchen giving you loads of freezer space.  Items can be easily organised in slide out freezer draws for easy access.  Generally not as energy efficient as a fridge, upright freezers use a cyclic defrost alleviating the manual defrosting common in chest freezers. 
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