Sleepyhead Harmonie Swisstek

Sleepyhead Harmonie Swisstek


All Swisstek® mattresses feature seven dedicated posture zones, so that optimal support is delivered to every part of your body as you sleep. Each zone has a different level of flexibility so it can respond to your body as it needs to. Every part of your body is supported by zones that allow for exceptional conformability to your body’s curves, including targeted support to the lower back. This helps to provide correct spinal alignment and sleeping posture so your body gets the rest it needs and deserves. Body weight is distributed evenly across the mattress so that your entire body is supported, which results in pressure point reduction in the hip and shoulder areas, reducing tossing and turning for a more restful sleep.

Solid foam edging gives strong support on the mattress sides to reduce that roll out feeling.

Note All prices are for the mattress and the bases are sold separately

Available in Single | King Single | Double | Queen | King